A Memory We Will Never Forget

My husband and I live in Las Vegas. Dave helped us plan our special day via email and telephone. He was always available to answer questions, as well as make suggestions. (We would have never thought of getting married under Marilyn Monroe’s statue…it was amazing!) There is no doubt in our minds that Dave is the reason we will always have these wonderful memories to cherish. Thank you Dave!

The Wedding We Always Dreamed Of.

Dick and I knew we wanted to be married at our home in the desert. We started making plans long before the overthrow of California’s Proposition 8. We interviewed marriage officiants almost immediately. The first seven we talked with all were fine until they realized that both of us were male. Two said “It’s illegal” and five suddenly became overly sweet and talked to us as if we were school children. Then we talked to Dave. We’d seen his website and it spoke to our sensibilities. Dave was immediately engaging. He answered all of our questions. Made suggestions we hadn’t considered. He spoke to us in a professional, yet friendly tone. He suggested we meet for coffee to see if the three of us felt that he was the right man for the job. We walked away from that meeting thinking “What a prince of a guy!” We both felt that we’d known him for years. When the Supreme Court announced its decision, we were on the telephone with Dave within the hour. We scheduled 3 pm on Saturday, July 13th as the date and time. Dick and I were elated. Per our agreement, he arrived at our home at 2 pm on the dot. He was better prepared than the two of us. We were acting like nervous nellies. He immediately calmed us down. He assured us that the ceremony would go off without a hitch. He then walked us and our two best men through the logistics. His calm demeanor and authoritative attitude made us totally relax. As he promised, the ceremony was beautiful. Dave made it incredibly personal. He talked briefly about how Dick and I had met. He gave his views on love and respect. He even mentioned that our separate record collections were now legally joined. I can’t imagine any couple not benefiting from Dave’s total caring. This was not just a job for him. It felt as if he were wedding two of his oldest friends together in what he called “Loving Matrimony.” Thank you, Dave. You helped make this the best single day of our lives. Russell and Dick Encino/Palm Springs, CA