Why Choose Silver Wedding Shoes?

A wedding day takes place only once in a lifetime for a couple who’s enveloped in the magic of love, and it is meant to be nothing short of perfect! You may be incredibly busy organizing everything, and choosing the right shoes does not necessarily have to be a tedious task. Silver wedding shoes can make a big difference, and here are good, solid reasons to pick this brilliant color:

1. Wedding Fashion. Wearing silver shoes will effortlessly complement your wedding dress. Moreover, it can easily match accessories like your luxurious bag and sparkling hair trinkets. Whether you wish to have a traditional feel or modern day wedding, stylish silver wedding shoes can produce exactly what you want.


2. Simply Because. Why choose silver? Because it is! Silver is a neutral color which blends well with almost any other color. The color looks quite expensive, but can actually cost less than other kinds of shoes. You can acquire it at a more reasonable price yet can be worth so much more with the awesome memories you create with it and fabulous pictures it delivers.

3. A Timeless Piece. A pair of silver shoes would never go out of style. If you’ve got yourself one that’s made of high quality, you can wear yours beyond the wedding day, and for many more years to come. Your classy silver wedding heels can be used during your bridal shower, at the reception, and will fit any other occasion in the future.

4. The Perfect Pair. The bride is not the only one who gets to wear this beautiful fashion. The mother of the bride can take www.shoplilian.com pride in wearing a pair of glamorous silver wedding shoes, while bridesmaids can complement the theme of the occasion by flaunting stunning silver footwear! Most importantly, you can put on only what’s comfortable and what your feet deserve, because silver shoes are not limited to wedding heels, but arrive in wedges, flats, sandals, and other styles too.

5. Dream Come True. Display elegance in every step you take towards the  altar to finally join in marriage with your prince charming. You won’t be wearing just another pair of glass slippers and live Cinderella’s fairy tale, but you can become a distinguished, envied princess with your very own set of magnificent silver wedding shoes! You’ll be ecstatic with a dream come true and prepare to enjoy your happily ever after.

5 No-Fail Wedding Shoes for Your Wedding

Every bride knows the importance of choosing the right wedding shoes, but for many, this sometimes seems like a daunting task. With a wide array of wedding shoes in every shape, size, color and design imaginable, it is easy to see why choosing the right shoe may be a difficult decision. Here are four fundamental tips to use, discussed in greater detail below: – Comfort is key when it comes to wedding shoes. – Consider themed wedding shoes. – Choose the ideal heel height. – Choose wedding shoes that complement the wedding dress.

Comfort is key, choose a pair that you are comfortable in When choosing wedding shoes, it is imperative to go for comfortable shoes. This is because, for the most part, the bride will wear these shoes from morning to evening, and sometimes, late into the night. The most ideal wedding shoes have extra padding that offers much-needed comfort. It helps to wear the chosen pair a day or two prior to the wedding day. This not only helps to break them in, it also gives the bride an idea of how the shoe fits.

Consider adding a theme to the wedding shoes Most brides choose a theme for their wedding, often one that they relate to and can tweak as desired. The good news is that with modern fashion trends, it is easy to theme wedding shoes too! For instance, if your wedding theme is all about glitz and glamor, sparkly shoes are the go-to solution.
Sparkly bridal shoes are easy to match with other embellishments; think a sparkly wedding dress, dazzling precious stones for jewelry and flawless accessories. For a vintage wedding theme, simple classic wedding heels will certainly come in handy. The stylish bride may even include heart-themed shoes for a wedding with the same theme! There is no limits to the theme that a bride can choose on her big day.

Choose the ideal heel height
Brides sometimes find it difficult to steer away from their beloved stiletto wedding heels. This is especially important to avoid towering over the groom at the altar which certainly makes for some awkwardness. What’s more, it is important to choose a pair of heels whose height is comfortable enough to get through the day. For a good number of brides accustomed to low heels, getting strappy wedding stiletto heels just for the big day is never a good idea. In place of stiletto heels, such brides can always go for stylish kitten heels.

Choose wedding shoes that complement the wedding dress
The choice of wedding dress will influence the type of wedding shoe. Asa general guide, brides-to-be are always advised to take their shoes with them during dress fittings. This way, the length of the dress is made to fit perfectly with the heel height. Secondly, it also helps to match the dress and the shoe. A white wedding dress for instance, goes very well with silver wedding shoes. Brides who opt for short wedding dresses can easily settle for a pair of sparkly heels since the dress’s length allows for the shoes’ visibility. Ultimately, every bride should feel amazing on their big day, and wedding shoes are an easy way to do this