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But this is not all. Weddings are hard to pull off and require a lot of planning, and a lot of people have never gone through this process before. It can be hard to pull off an absolutely perfect wedding. Information is key and this is your chance to learn from someone who is an expert in the fashion department. This will not only make you more calm at the wedding itself, but it will also make the entire process more manageable. You will quickly be able to find out what to wear during the wedding, which will make the entire process a lot easier. Talking from experience, deciding what to wear to the wedding is a huge part of the planning, but with the internet information is much easier to find and weddings are now a lot easier to plan than they were just a couple of years ago.

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This blog is, however, not just for people who are trying to find their way during the wedding planning. This blog is also for people with an interest in fashion and weddings  in general. In a rapidly changing society wedding fashion is also changing and this blog will help you keep up with the latest trends in the wedding department. There are a lot of different ways to look good during a wedding and even though you aren’t getting married you will surely at some point have to attend a wedding. This blog is also for you who want to look good at your best friend’s wedding. You will not only be doing yourself a favour, but your friend will surely also appreciate you showing yourself from your best side. But again, it might not be easy to figure out how you show yourself from the best side. Dressing for a wedding isn’t like dressing up for your job.

All weddings have their own style and it is hard to find your way in this jungle of fashion. This is where my blog comes in. You can, free of  charge; find out what fits your style by reading my blog entries. Reading through my blog you can find information regarding the aforementioned shoes, heels and much more. The only investment you will have to make is the time you wish to spend reading through my blog entries.

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The following article lists different sparkly shoes. Each of these shoes is then broken down into a list of its features.

1. Caparros — Victory

• These heels are made to shine at every facet.

• They have a buckle to enclose your feet with

• The upper detail of the upper studs is all made by man

• The lining is man-made as well

• It has a tough leather outer sole

• The inner sole is light and cushioned

• It has a wrapped heel of 3 click web page A inches

• The entire shoe weighs 7 ounces

2. Blue by Betsy Johnson — Stela

• The Stela heels sparkle and dazzle to make the wearer the centre of attention

• The upper mesh is coated with an overlay of glitter

• The shoe has an ankle strap with a lace for enclosure

• The toe is pointed

• The foot bed and lining are both made by man

• It has a wrapped heel that stands at 4 inches

• The outsole is man-made

• The entire shoe weighs 8 ounces

3. Lauren Lorraine — Vivian 2

• This stylish Vivian 2 pump by Lauren Lorraine is perfect for your wedding

• The upper is made of sparkly textiles

• The buckle that encloses the ankle is a rhinestone T-strap

• The shoe is a peep toe

• It is accentuated with rhinestone on just about every facet

• The lining and foot bed are synthetic

• The platform and heel are covered.

The heel stands at 4.5 inches

• The outsole is synthetic

• The platform is 1 % inches high

• The entire shoe weighs 12 ounces

4. Lauren Lorraine — Nonie

• The Nonie is the perfect way to turn the evening into a fierce one

• The textile of the upper is very textured

• It  has a strappy vamp and a sling-back strap with a buckle for enclosure

• It is an open-toe shoe

• The lining and foot bed are made by man

• The platform (1 1/4 inches high) and the wedge heel (4 A inches high) are covered

• The outsole is synthetic

• The entire shoe weighs  10 ounces

5. Lauren Lorraine — Arielle

• This is an astonishingly stylish barely-there sandal

• The upper is made of sparkled textile

• It encloses the ankle with an adjustable buckle and strap